Haven Power Bucket

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The power bucket is packed full of shit you didn't know you needed, but now you can't do without. Wireless charging, ...

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Patriot Series Podcast

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  1. Doug Englen

    -Flight Lead, Army Special Operations Aviation, 160th SOAR

    - Available to Watch Now
  2. Brink Fidler

    -Director Drug Task Force, Nashville / CEO Defend Systems

  3. Cliff Van Rickley

    -Fmr Halo Team Sergeant / Operations Leader

  4. Kyle Lamb

    -Army SGM / President Viking Tactics

  5. Keith “Wally” Walawender

    -NSWDG/ CEO Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

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The Finger—The Chive

A firecracker done blowed your finger off...Now what? This Oh Shit kit has everything you need to keep lighting up the sky and pissing off your neighbors. (Neighbor repellent spray not included).

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A Great Deal—John

I bought this for my daughter who is in college now. She likes having it on her off campus house. It gives me peace of mind knowing this an American made product is installed and protecting her.

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Killer Power—Marc

Like a power pack on steroids. In the good way, not the roidy way. Gave me exactly the power I needed, when and where I needed it. Love it.

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